Diverse Line of Premium Products   

FIT Organic®, unlike other so-called "natural" brands, is certified USDA organic and contains no synthetic detergents and no artificial surfactants of any kind. With FIT Organic, you get the best of both worlds: premium performing cleaning products using only safe, naturally derived ingredients.

At Três Pontas, our mission is to provide you with premium natural foods that meet the highest of standards, while also following a true farm to table mission.

Our QR codes, which are standard on all of our food packaging, allow best in class traceability. Just scan and view the direct source for each product we produce.

Natrucan is an ALL-NATURAL broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent can be used to combat large bacteria contaminations that harm the alcoholic fermentation process.

Our mission is to provide you with premium products that meet the highest of industry standards, while using complete transparency.